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Paying it Forward One Photo at a Time

For the greater portion of my life, I have felt called to help others. No matter how big or small a deed, it truly fills my heart when I have the opportunity to help someone in need. 


When I started this business, I had ONE Goal in mind. I told myself that I wanted to Capture families most precious moments, so that other families can have theirs. 


Said another way, I wanted to make sure that proceeds from every gallery I deliver, no matter how big or small, will go toward a family in need.  


When my daughter was born, my husband and I spent time in and out of the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania to ensure her hips would grow strong and healthy. Today, she is stronger and healthier than ever thanks in large part to the end-to end staff at CHOP! There are so many beautiful families, who spend undesired time at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, that benefit from donations- No matter how big or small! These donations go towards the family’s needs, food, travel, sleeping arrangements and so much more!


Hire me as your Family Photographer and Help me “Pay it Forward, One Photo at a Time”.  


I am passionate about helping ALL families who need! If you have a connection to another charity helping families in need, let me know and I would be happy to explore the opportunity to donate to this cause. 

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